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SQUATS: How to do Squats, BENEFITS, FAQS & Safety Tips!

Squats position

It’s no secret that squats are the king of exercises. The benefits of this exercise are endless. As we dig deeper into the benefits of squats I hope the significance of incorporating this exercise into your routine becomes clear. While it is probably true that no exercise is more intimidating, it is true that no single exercise has more full-body effects.

While squats are great for sculpting the quads it doesn’t end there. As stated before, the squat muscles worked also targets the glutes, lower back, hamstrings, abdominal muscles, and calves, To be more precise, let us see what muscles do squats work-

Agonist muscles-Gluteus maximus, Soleus, Adductor magnus, Quadriceps femora’s

Stabilizing muscles-internal and external obliques, Hamstrings,Erector spinae, Gluteus medius, and minimus, Gastrocnemius, Rectus abdominal – Source Wikipedia


Research has also shown that because squats encompass so many muscle groups, it can have an anabolic (muscle building) effect on your body, releasing extra testosterone/growth hormone, and also can help you lose fat because of its metabolism-enhancing property.

This exercise can also help build bone and tendon strength. To know what do squats do and the importance and effects of this exercise can and will be seen immediately as well as having an effect on your later years. The building of strong bone, muscle strengthening will help fight osteoporosis and forever impact your daily life.

Now coming to the most important question ” How To Do Squats Properly. ” -Step by Step:

  1. Stretch your legs with a gap of shoulder distance in between.
  2. Get in the squatting position as shown in the video above.
  3. You can place your hands folded behind your neck or simply stretched parallel to the floor.
  4. Start the downward motion with a little bend in your back and a normal spine position.
  5. Stop when your knees make 90 degrees; this is called a squatting position.
  6. The last step is to get into a straight body position with a stance in between both of your legs.
  7. Repeat. This is how proper squat form is performed. This is the answer to How To Do Squats Properly?

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Common Mistakes & Their Solutions!


  • Going too down to the floor.
  • Nodding your head or looking elsewhere.
  • Going too fast.
  • Partial completion of the squat.
  • Not putting squat as the first exercise in the workout plan.
  • Your back should be straight.


  • Bend your knees until they make 90 degrees.
  • Keep your head looking forward.
  • Always perform slowly and steadily.
  • Complete the whole round.
  • Putting squat as an initial workout may prove beneficial in many ways.
  • It may pain in the initial days but it will be beneficial later.

BENEFITS Of Doing Squats Daily-


1. Squats Are Great for Muscles: Squats are considered perfect workouts because they tone up all the major muscles of your body and hence is also regarded as an Ultimate mass builder. They work up your thighs, your abdominal muscles, your lower back, and your butts too. You get wonderful legs doing them and if you add some weight in your squats, you can tone up the muscles in your arms too. To check what muscles do squats work I have mentioned it above.

2. Squats Help You Burn Extra Calories: Squats burn calories fast. Burning calories helps in shedding extra fat and get a slimmer build. If you add weight to this exercise, you burn the calories even faster.

If you are overweight and want to get in shape or if you are looking for a muscular and fit body, including squats in your daily schedule can make that possible. This is because squats activate your body and burn the extra fat.

3. For Enhanced Flexibility: You tone up so many major muscles of your body doing squats; this obviously improves your flexibility.

4. For Stronger Lungs and Heart: You pant while squatting which helps in strengthening your cardiac muscles and improves your lung capacity.

5.For Increased Hormonal flow: So many muscles of your body are active when you squat. This results in the increased release of hormones to grow your muscles.

6. Squats for Higher Male Fertility: Squats are helpful in increasing testosterone levels in your body, which in turn improves male fertility.

7. Squats for Toning your Posture: Spending a lot of time in front of computers and televisions has led to a decrease in essential bodily functions like walking, leading to different muscular weaknesses. But by doing Proper squat form, the muscles in your thighs and hips tend to become active. This way, you can overcome the problems that stiff muscles can and have a flexible body. For this refer to this question-How To Do Squats Properly?

How to do squats & Proper squat form.
Image source- NBC news.

Safety And Precautions:

  • Pregnant women, old age citizens, or people with physical disability should try to avoid it for health reasons.
  • Never perform any exercise after having your meal.
  • Doing squats with weights in the initial days/for newbies is not recommended as the body is not naturally suited to go that hard.
  • Never do a lot of repetition of squats as Everything in this world has got certain threshold values.


Is it good to squat everyday?

Yes, squatting on a daily basis is proved to be very beneficial not only to the thighs & arms but also to the entire human body. It is a great exercise as it will enhance fat metabolism and the heart pumping function. The squat is called as the King of Exercises because of the tremendous benefits, it delivers.

Do squats burn belly fat?

Yes. Squats not only burn belly fat but also the excess body fat deposited over the entire body. It increases the metabolism of fat and also significantly raises the testosterone levels(in males) which leads to fat burning and muscle development.

What are the benefits of doing squats?

The list of benefits that one reaps through squats is lengthy, To mention a few best picks –
1.Help You Burn Extra Calories
2.Enhances Flexibility
3.Increases Muscle production
.Enhances Lungs and heart Functionality
.Tones Body Posture
.Increases Hormonal flow
& To know what muscles do squats work Scroll above and see it yourself.

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