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Om Satav

Hi Guys! I am Om Satav. I being a medico and a fitness freak am trying to share collective information regarding health, exercise, and nutrition on this blog. All the content that I will be uploading here will be a product of my extensive research from various sources such as Standard books, the internet, referrals, etc.

The journey to start this blog was purely based on my interest and my hobby to share as much as I know with others. As there were many sources from which I can share my knowledge I found sharing through blogs very convenient. Here I can share detailed and comprehensive reviews and articles.

I am currently pursuing MBBS at B.J Medical College, Pune. As I would proceed through my academics I would try to build up my knowledge so that I can provide my readers with good and informative content. In the upcoming days, I would try to serve my readers with detailed content.

Health & Fitness Together.

The idea behind building this blog was to give standard content that will fulfill the reader’s intent. It was my soul interest and passion in this field that gave rise to this beautiful blog. You may find hundreds of articles regarding a particular topic(under exercise niche), but the articles that will be posted here will be unique and up to your need.

I hope that will be able to deliver the required information and give you what you are looking for.

Thank You for visiting our blog.

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