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Jumping Jacks Workout: 7 Amazing Benefits & Calories Burned!

Jumping Jacks Workout.

Many a time we see athletes & trainers doing jumping jacks workouts, especially as a part of their warmup. But did you ever imagine what makes these professionals choose or recommend jumping jacks?

The justification lies in the benefits that one reaps through jumping jacks. It helps in weight loss i.e. in burning calories. It burns a lot of calories. The list of benefits of doing jumping jacks exercise daily can go on and on. (Major benefits have been mentioned below; kindly refer to the Table of contents for a quick go!)

So first let us see what actually jumping jacks workout means– The exercise in which a person jumps in a proper repeated manner such that his arms and legs are spread and compressed simultaneously. Hence this exercise is also called star jumps.

How many calories do jumping jacks burn?

Jumping jacks can burn approximately 10-12 calories for every 10 repetitions, but the exact number of calories burned will depend on factors such as age, weight, and intensity level.

This means that to burn 100 calories via jumping jacks you should perform 100 repetitions. This is the answer to your question- how many jumping jacks to burn 100 calories?

This was the meaning of jumping jacks, now let us see which muscles do jumping jack focus on

  • Hips muscles
  • Glutes muscles
  • Thigh muscles
  • Quadriceps

Coming to the most important point- though many of us know how to do jumping jacks workout from our childhood, still, 90 percent of the readers don’t know the proper process of performing it.

So taking this problem into consideration I have given a short free how-to-do jumping jacks workout guide. Doing it in a proper way will help you get the most out of it.

How to Do Jumping Jacks Workout-

A short video illustrating jumping jacks exercise.

Proper Process-

  • The detailed process is mentioned in the above video.

Jumping Jacks Benefits

Benefit #1: They are great cardio exercises-

running( Jumping Jacks Benefits)

Jumping jacks exercise is known to be one of the best cardio exercises. It utilizes a lot of energy for the workout. This required amount of energy is provided through oxygen which is carried by the blood. In Jumping Jacks Benefits this is one of the best benefits of jumping jacks.

Doing cardio such as jumping jacks exercise pressurizes the heart to increase its pumping rate as well as the blood amount. Performing it daily will slowly improve heart health that will ultimately result in healthy and fit life!

Benefit #2: Jumping jacks exercise are great calorie burner-

Calorie Burning Exercises ( Jumping Jacks Benefits)

As this exercise is good cardio exercise it has to be good fat-burning exercise too, as they are interrelated. This exercise burns calories to a very good extent.

Do you know how many calories does 100 jumping jacks burn?

100 Jumping jacks if done one after the other will burn almost 200 calories. This value is subject to change with age, weight, and various other factors. The benefits of jumping jacks have got this benefit at the top of the list!

Calorie burning is one of the star Jumping Jacks Benefits. It burns a hell lot of body calorie!

Benefit #3: Perfect Stress Buster-

Pocket Clock

Very few exercises fall into this category. It is a part of aerobic exercises and therefore is included in releasing negativities.

Performing jumping jacks workout daily will not only keep you stress-free but also aid you with longevity. A minute workout is sufficient to release pressure caused due to a hectic and busy schedule.

Benefit #4: Help to Build Muscles-

Fit body( Jumping Jacks Benefits)

Star Jumps also assists in muscle development and building. As in the process, many muscles are focused and pressurized.

This leads to the generation of muscles at that part. Though it is a slow process if done daily may prove very beneficial in the long run. Jumping Jack’s workout benefits may be many, but this is my favorite. The list of benefits of jumping jacks has got this one due to the fact that it is a good fat burner.

Benefit #5: Improves Body Posture & Tone-

Beautiful Girl ( Jumping Jacks Benefits)

This exercise stretches the whole body in a perfect way which leads to their toning. Body posture gets developed and more improved due to star jumps. In the list of Jumping Jacks Benefits, this is the unexpected one.

Benefit #6: Increases Body’s Agility & Flexibility-

Yoga for flexibility( Jumping Jacks Benefits)

This exercise as well as other aerobic exercises primarily stretches various kinds of muscles. Performing them daily makes our body get habituated to the workout which eventually leads to increased movability as well as agility.

This benefit grabs the top-notch position on my list of the benefits of jumping jacks! As it stretches and develops the muscles of your body.

Benefit #7: Good for Bone Health-

apple on bone set

Exercises that include a lot of physical movement are prone to make our bones grow strong and fine. This exercise helps in enhancing the body’s metabolism as well as functions which leads to better development of bones and the body as a whole. Ever imagined that the Jumping Jacks Benefits would have this benefit on its list?

Safety Tips-

  • Pregnant women, older citizens, or people with physical disability should try to avoid it for health reasons.
  • Never do a lot of repetition of Jumping Jack as Everything in this world has certain threshold values.
  • Never perform any exercise after having your meal.
  • If you have any pain or injuries try not to do this exercise.
  • If the pain continues consult your health physician as early as possible.


If i do 100 jumping jacks, how many calories will i burn?

The number of calories burned from doing 100 jumping jacks can vary depending on factors such as age, weight, and intensity level. On average, a person who weighs around 150 pounds can burn approximately 10-12 calories for every 10 jumping jacks. Therefore, doing 100 jumping jacks may burn around 100-120 calories. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this is just an estimate and individual results may vary.

What does 40 jumping jacks mean is it 40 reps?

Yes! 40 jumping jacks means 40 reps.

Is 71 jumping jacks be possible for a 11 years boy in 1 minute?

Can’t say! It depends on the boy’s fitness and practice. But to answer the question, It is quite hard to do 71 reps in a minute.

Can I do jumping jacks in evening?

Yes, you can. If evening is the time with which you are comfortable go with it. Just try to do it on empty stomach. Read my detailed article for a more clarified view.

Is 100 jumping jack good for 16 age?

Yes, it is! But rather let the child go and play other outdoor games. This will benefit him in developing overall fitness.

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