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9 Benefits of doing Sit-ups Daily & How to Do Sit-ups Properly!

How to do sit-ups and Benefits of doing sit ups

We always come across a bunch of stuff regarding Sit-ups, it may be the benefits of doing sit-ups or a full guide. But we never get everything in a single place and the articles over the web may not be able to explain it satisfactorily. Taking this into consideration I have tried to supply almost everything about sit-ups on this page.

How to do sit-ups and Benefits of doing sit ups

After reading this article, you will come to know almost 90% of the information regarding sit-ups! You can always let me know if you need more info on certain topics in the comment section.

Sit-ups are also named curl-ups or roll-ups and are almost similar to that of the crunches. Though crunches and sit-ups are used synonymously by many people, they still have differences in few points. In sit-ups, a person completes his curl and gets to the posture of sitting (Hence the name). While in crunches, a person elevates his body just to an angle of 30 to 40 degrees.

In Sit-ups vs Crunches, crunches exercise causes more strain which ultimately leads to developing six-pack abs. This does not mean that sit-ups cannot cause abs, rather sit-ups take time and more repetitions to make them happen. The benefits of sit-ups include core strengthening as the most important benefit.

Muscles used In Sit-ups Workout-

The main muscles worked in sit-ups are the transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis, and obliques. The accessory muscles outworked in this exercise are the calf muscles, hip flexors, chest, and neck muscles.

To put this in an easy way, after doing sit-ups you can expect your abs and chest to develop quite prominently! An easy technique to check whether which muscles are targeted in a specific exercise, you just have to check the areas where you feel strain while doing the exercise! Tada! These muscles are prone to develop over time.

How to do sit-ups and Benefits of doing sit ups

Check-in more detail the muscles of the abdomen at Wikipedia.

How To do Sit-ups Properly-

GIF Sit Ups Exercise

Proper Process-

  • Get flat onto the floor and elevate your knees a bit. Note that your head should be touching the ground.
  • Now by keep your hands behind your neck or flat on the floor. ( Don’t use your hands to uplift your body)
  • Curl you body up in a single stroke such that you get into the sitting position as shown above.
  • Now Reverse your curl with simultaneous release of strain on your abdomen.
  • Repeat the steps and you are done with How to do sit-ups.

TIP-Try to make less use of Momentum to uplift your upper body to get Maximum Benefits from Sit-ups!


Let us quickly jump into the 9 Amazing Benefits of Doing Sit-ups Daily!

9 Benefits Of Doing Sit-ups Daily-

1. Strengthens Core-

This is the main benefit of doing sit-ups on a regular basis. It targets a major part of the abdominal muscles and forces them to get better!

Not only this, sit-ups make your inner body core more strong. This in turn helps a person to keep various ailments away. So doing sit-ups will help you build and strengthen your core for maximum efficiency!

2. Improves Focus-

As a regular form of breathing is involved in this exercise, it indirectly helps you to increase your concentration power. Lowering down the pace of breathing would assist in improving focus even faster!

3. Build 6 Pack-Abs-

If you have checked the section of the ‘muscle targeted in sit-ups’ you can easily make out that sit-ups are focused more on abs. Rather most people know sit-ups as the 6 pack abs-building exercise.

Yeah! It puts a lot of stress on the abdominal muscles leading to a burning sensation in the stomach region. If you feel this pain then you are working in the right direction. But remember that putting a lot of effort into the beginning itself is not going to reap your abs. Instead, it may take months to get those rock-hard abs!

4. Enhances Stability-

Sit-ups enhance the overall stability of the body and lead to a stable mind. Focusing on the time of exercise makes your body calm and refreshes your mood.

This feature makes aerobic exercises the most favorite exercise for people with a busy schedule! Jumping jacks helps to lower stress and refresh your mood. Know more about Jumping jacks with this free article-Jumping Jacks Workout: 7 Benefits, Cardio, Safety Tips & How to do?

5. Helps Burn Stomach Fat-

Due to the increased need for energy during exercise body makes use of excess stomach fat. The fat deposition over the body is a rich source of energy that supplies energy when needed. As the exercises get more hard, more is the fat used.

Remember that fats are not utilized in the first place rather blood sugar is the primary source during the initial few minutes of workouts. Then as the blood sugar starts falling fats are broken down to produce energy!

6. Improves Body Posture-

Sit-ups help in improving body posture as they target the upper body muscles that ultimately tone them. This improves your overall body physique and personality as a whole.

7. Less Equipment Needed-

Sit-ups require almost zero equipment to perform. As one can put their legs below a heavy chair or something similar to that. But if you don’t have anything like that, you can get this useful product on amazon.

8. Improves Overall Endurance-

Sit-ups lead to an increase in stamina as well as endurance of the body. This is a good sign of a healthy and fit body. Other exercises would help to double up the result if done in proper synchrony!

9. Good For Heart Functioning-

As mentioned above Sit-ups exercise uses a lot of energy which indirectly needs more blood supply and pressurizes the heart to pump more. This indeed is good for the health of the heart as this may keep you away from various heart diseases and ischemias!

FAQ’s About Sit-ups-

How many sit ups should I do a day?

One should do 20 to 30 repetitions a day in the beginning and add up more slowly as the time passes! You can add up crunches with the sit-ups to enhance and amplify the benefits!

Will 100 sit-ups a day tone my stomach?

The answer depends on various factors such as the age, sex, BMI of the person, etc. But Yes, 100 sit-ups a day may help you tone your stomach if you are ready to do them daily and with other related workouts.

Can sit ups burn belly fat?

Sit-ups can burn belly fat. It increases the metabolism of the fat and leads to decrease in fat content over the body.

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