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Why Should We Soak Almonds? 3 Benefits, Steps & FAQ!

soaked almonds

Almonds are one of the best nutritious as well as healthy snacks present out there. Moreover, they are consumed all over the world due to the variety of benefits they provide. But still, the question remains, Whether almonds should be soaked in water or not? And Why should we soak almonds? These are some of the most popular questions that are asked worldwide!

This article will answer your questions in a detailed way. So hold tight and get ready to enjoy the write-up! First things first, Should we soak almonds or not?

Research and studies have shown that almonds when soaked are healthier than raw ones. Rather soaking the almonds overnight increases their nutritional value a few folds. This suggests that almonds must be soaked in order to avail more benefits. As we have answered our first question, now let us answer the next question- Why Should We Soak Almonds?

This question would be answered by letting you know the 3 Important Benefits of Soaking Almonds In Water. As they will indirectly reflect the importance of soaking them.

3 Benefits of Soaking Almonds In Water-

1. Increases absorption of nutrients-

Benefits of Soaking Almonds

The brown peel of almonds contains tannin which inhibits nutrient absorption. After soaking the almonds for a 12-hour span their peel comes off faster. This aids the removal process of the nuts. The raw almonds have a very rough cover.

The tannin and the phytic acid present in the skin of the almonds is not only unhealthy but also useless. Moreover, they interfere with the process of nutrient absorption. This may indirectly lower the nutritious benefits that one can avail of from the almonds as a whole.

2. May help in their digestion-

Benefits of Soaking Almonds

Almonds are rich in elements like magnesium and calcium and proteins and fibers. Having a couple of almonds early in the morning may assist our digestion process. In addition, it may also help in the almonds digestion too. The overnight soaking of the almonds increases the water content of the cells present in the almonds. This helps in their digestion as they pass through our stomach and gut.

3. Helps in Weight Loss-

Benefits of Soaking Almonds- weight loss.

As almonds have very little calorie content they are a preferred food item in the weight loss programs. Moreover, they are rich in fibers and proteins, both of which lead to stomach fullness. Indeed they do not add to the calorie content but rather help in proper bowel movement. These are supposedly taken in the morning hours instead of breakfast. There are benefits of eating soaked almonds empty stomach, so that they may help in proper digestion and indirectly help in weight loss.

I hope the above-mentioned 3 Major Benefits of Soaking Almonds In Water helped you to understand that Why Should We Soak Almonds in the water!

Steps To Soak Almonds-

  • Based on the number of person in the family, take 3 to 5 almonds for each person.
  • Now get a small vessel which can be covered by a lid.
  • Add water to the vessel so that it is atleast 75% full.
  • Now add the almonds to the water.
  • Cover with the lid. And let it soak overnight.

Tip- Don’t soak the almonds for more than a day. As this may be harmful instead of being helpful. Rather store them in a refrigerator so that they can stay fresh for a couple of days.


Big almond is good or small almond?

Both are equally good.

Can I soak almonds in steel vessel overnight?

Yes, you can.

I have eaten almonds with out soaking it now I knew the raw one contain phytic acid how to remove phytic acid from the body?

The phytic acid will get eventually excreted through your body. So Don’t worry!

Can I soak a full packet of almonds at once?

Yes, you can.

Do soaked almonds lose their nutritional value in fridge?

A little bit!

Why do soaked almonds taste sweeter?

Due to an increase in the cell size and release of a few bad tasting substances in water.

Can soaked almonds grind my teeth Is it healthy?


Can u eat almonds soaked for two days?

Yes, you can.

Can I soak almonds in copper vessel? 

Yes, you can.

Why almonds don’t swell as big as an egg when soaked in water for a long time?

Because there is a limit to the membrane of the cells of almonds.

Can we use almond soaked water for watering plants?

Yes, you can.

May I soak Almond in copper pot

Yes, you can.

Can I eat a mango after eating 15 soaked and peeled almonds?

Yes, you can. But 15 almonds are too much for a day. It may lead to indigestion, so be careful!


Soaking almonds in water overnight is more beneficial than eating raw ones. There are multiple benefits of eating peeled-off almonds. All of which are mentioned in the above article in detail. Kindly go through it and read every point thoroughly.

I hope the article was helpful to you and was able to answer your question- Why Should We Soak Almonds?

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