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When is the Best Time of Day to Exercise? Know the Benefits of Each!


Many of the readers have this question at the back of their mind, when is the best time of Day to Exercise? Is it morning, afternoon or evening!

Best Time of Day to Exercise?

Research and studies have shown that Morning is the Best Time of Day to Exercise! Doing a workout at around 7 AM has a lot of benefits when compared to other times of the day! There are many reasons which make the morning the best time to work out, let us see them one by one-

Coffee pen Best Time of Day to Exercise
Morning is the Best Time of Day to Exercise!

REASON Behind MORNING Been The Best Time Of Day To Exercise-

  • Exercising in the early morning hours with empty stomach targets most of your body Fat, and ultimately leads to calorie burning.
  • When you exercise, the body is in need of energy and for having that required amount of energy, the body seeks the carbohydrates first then stored fat, and then protein. Since sugar levels in our body are low in the morning, this directly leads to fat utilization.
  • The good hormone levels in the body are high early morning. Hormones such as cortisol, testosterone, and growth hormones are high in the body. These hormones assist in increased energy and help in building muscles as well.
  • Doing a workout early at around 7 AM would make you ready for the day with more energy and strength.

In order to list the most important Benefits Of Working Out In The Morning I have mentioned a few below.


  1. Helps To Burn Lot Of Calories!
  2. Makes You Ready For The Day!
  3. Increases Focus & Memory!
  4. Enriches Yourself With Energy!
  5. Improves Overall Performance and Flexibility!
  6. Enhances Your Mood For Better Day Ahead!
  7. Helps In Gaining Muscles!
  8. Boosts Overall Metabolism & Enhances Body Reactions!
  9. Helps You To Stay Disease Free!!!
  10. Pumps Up Your Heart & Thereby Increases Heart Efficiency!
  11. Helps You Get Good Sleep!

The Exercises that are usually preferred in the morning are Cardio Exercises. As these workouts are light when compared to HIIT. Now You may Question where would you get this cardio workout. There is absolutely no need to worry Since I am Providing You With the Full Free Article On 10 Best Cardio Workouts-

Though morning exercises are said to have more perks than other times, it is not true in all cases! It is not a compulsion to work out in the morning only, since doing workouts in the afternoon as well as evening also has almost appreciable benefits! So the Best Time of Day to workout varies depending on the beneficial factors.

Rather every time period has its own perks and benefits. Since many factors affect your body performance, for example- many are not able to give their 100 Percent in the early morning due to incompletion of sleep or any other reason. Some people go to work early in the morning and hence do not get time to do exercise.

Such people who are not able to do exercise early in the morning have still 2 options left .i.e. afternoon and evening. Now you may question which out of both has more benefits or perks when compared to the other?

So to answer the question let us first peep into the Pros of doing exercise at that specific period! Both Time periods have lots of Pros with some cons too.

Benefits Of Doing Exercise In The AFTERNOON-

Benefits Of Doing Exercise In The AFTERNOON-

#Body Gets Activated-

In the afternoon the temperature outside is usually high, this leads to a slight increase in our body temperature( though 37degree Celsius). Our body has enzymes that are most activated at warm temperatures.

Therefore afternoon workouts are slightly more efficient and beneficial. (This is in comparison to the morning workouts). Benefits Of Working Out In The Morning are almost the same or nearly equal to the benefits of working out in the evening!

#Helps you Burn Calories More Efficiently-

An increase in enzymatic efficiency is the main reason behind the increase in the fat-burning process! Overall metabolism increases due to the increase in temperature.

There is almost 10% increase in calorie-burning in the afternoon.

#Can Be a Stress-Buster-

Doing light exercises in the afternoon act as a perfect stress-buster. This may help you to relieve strain and restore your mood.

Rather exercising is a perfect way to freshen your mood. You may have observed this in your day-to-day life! KNowing this benefit, you may think of the afternoon as the Best Time of Day to Exercise!

TipAfternoon (12 pm to 2 pm) is generally a period of having lunch. You should always avoid exercising after having heavy meals. Do the work out at least after half an hour is passed having your meal.

#You May Fill More Energetic-

Yes, there are high chances that a small amount of exercise done in the afternoon would charge you up for the rest of the day! Just walking a bit, or brisk walking, if possible cycling will be the best options to try out.

Doing them daily may keep you away from various diseases as well as help you develop a good personality.

Now as we have seen the benefits of doing a workout in the afternoon session, Now let us proceed with the pros of doing exercise in the Evening!

Benefits Of Doing Exercise In The EVENING-

Benefits Of Doing Exercise In The EVENING,

#Helps To Pump Up Muscles –

The exercises that are done half an hour before going to bed are considered to be the most health-beneficial ones. This is because our muscles which we worked upon getting plenty of time to recover and get healed.

If you keep doing high intensity workouts in the evening session on a regular basis, you would definitely see some growth in your muscles. Muscles get developed and formed when acted by some force at regular intervals.

If you want Best workouts to build your muscles, go through this full Free article-

#Helps In Getting Better Sleep-

Exercising utilizes a large amount of energy which leads to dizziness and tiredness. This automatically causes you to sleep early and get a night of complete sleep.

Just because of this very reason, many people take evening as the Best Time of Day to Exercise!

#Lowers Blood Sugar-

This factor is applicable to exercises performed in any time of the day. So here you can not specify the best time of day to exercise.

Working out your body uses a lot of the sugar present in the blood as well as in the stored form. This leads to overall reduction of blood sugar level.

#Lowers Blood pressure-

Blood pressure increases mainly due to excess fat content and the pressure caused on the heart. Since exercising decreases the amount of fat it automatically decreases the pressure on the heart and ultimately leads to decreased blood pressure.

#Helps in Controlling The Appetite-

Studies have shown that a person with a regular exercise routine is found to have control over his/her cravings! This may be due to the fact that the appetite hormone ghrelin is secreted in less amount.

So here we are done with the Benefits of doing workout in morning, afternoon as well as evening!


CONCLUSION Best Time Of Day To Exercise is Morning.

To conclude we can say that the Best Time Of Day To Exercise is Morning. But remember that this is just because of the perks that one avails in that period.

Finding Time and Doing Exercise is far more important than not attempting to do at all!

Since you are here that means you are already doing your level best to stay fit & Healthy! It is really appreciable that you yourself is taking good care of your health!

If I were to set a priority between the Best Time of Day to workout then this would have been as follows- Morning>Evening>Afternoon. ( Based on my research and study).

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