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Skipping Exercise For Weight Loss-9 Benefits, Beginners’ Guide & Calories Burnt

Skipping ropes for weight loss

Skipping exercise burns around 1000 Calories in an hour is more effective than a combination of running, swimming, and playing tennis. Can you think of any other exercise that is more beneficial than rope Jumping is? No, there are very few exercises that approach this exercise in terms of Benefits that a person can avail of! Believe me, skipping is great for weight loss!

Talking of the Benefits of skipping rope, the list can be endless. But, I have enlisted the 9 Best Benefits Of Skipping rope based on their importance. This article will have a specific section on the detailed benefits of rope jumping to motivate you throughout the journey.

Starting with the main section- The Benefits of Skipping Rope!

9 Benefits Of Skipping Rope-

1. Best Calorie Burner-

Though most of us know that rope jumping is a great calorie burner but had you ever questioned that- exactly how many calories does Skipping rope burn?

Calories burned by jumping ropes are around 10 to 20 Calories per minute for a healthy adult person. This means that one can easily burn around 150 Calories in just 10 minutes. This proves that jumping ropes are way better than running.

These numerical values are supposed to vary depending on various environmental and physiological factors. But they are relevant since they are mentioned in range.

Anyways, skipping ropes is indeed a perfect exercise for easy weight loss. There are many examples out there which prove this statement right! Since it burns a hell of a lot of calories, skipping ropes become the best option available. Skipping is for weight loss and to decrease stubborn fat!

2. Increases Body’s Flexibility-

Best Hip flexor stretches

This is an excellent workout to increase your overall flexibility. It is proven that doing this exercise will stretch the muscles of limbs and arms, making them more flexible. Not only this doing them daily will help in lubricating the joints for faster movements.

It increases body’s agility and flexibility to a good extent. This will beneficial in your daily life to pump up your physique and personality.

3. Improves Body Posture-

Stretching and pressurizing the muscles will eventually lead to their development. As the muscles grows in size it unknowingly starts affecting your body posture in a good way.

One may not notice the changes happening, but as time pass you will definitely get an insight into the progress you have made. Another factor is the social factor- you are supposed to hear good compliments when the changes are fairly visible. Otherwise, just get yourself a weighing machine to keep an update on your weight loss journey.

4. Help in Gaining Muscles

Skipping ropes helps in gaining muscles and also their development. The best feature of this benefit is that this exercise targets a wide range of muscles. This advantage sets jumping rope aside from other exercises. Though swimming is the ultimate exercise or activity which targets a number of muscles, this exercise may rank second on my list.

A Deadlift is for Back building so does Skipping is for Weight loss!

5. Perfect Stress Buster-

Very few exercises fall into this category. It is a part of aerobic exercises and therefore is included in releasing negativities.

The time preferred to do skipping ropes is evening, only due to its stress releasing ability. Doing just 100 to 200 jumps may help in busying your whole day’s stress. Mayoclinic explains the relationship between exercise and stress.

6. Good For Heart Health-

Every exercise that includes a heavy requirement of oxygen is somehow leading to better heart health. In other words, most of the exercises fall into this category. But skipping ropes are way better than other exercises since this exercise boosts your body system to another level while performing.

Refer to this short section where I have mentioned in detail Why Cardio Workouts increases Heart efficiency?

7. Improves Focus-

Jumping ropes deliberately affects our mind in order to be relaxed and feel calm. This exercise has repetitions of steps that make you focus and perform simultaneously.

This in turn leads to improvement in the focusing power of your brain. Counting while skipping is also another way to boost your concentration.

8. Less Equipment Needed-

Rope jumping requires just a rope in order to perform. The rope can be of any type or length, but my suggestion is to go with the and length adjustable rope.

9. Takes Less Space-

less space for skipping ropes

This is the Best Benefit of doing Skipping ropes! Since this exercise falls into the category of ‘ Exercises at a place!’, does not require much of an area.

I myself prefer it doing in my living room since the height between floor and ceiling is good enough to suffice the circle of rope. Just make sure that your ceiling fan is off and the rope does not touch the roof.

This benefit is the prime reason why many opt for rope jumping. It gives a sort of privacy from the unnecessary people which talk behind your back. One may not be able to avail in exercises such as running or cycling.

Skipping Ropes For Beginners-

Proper Process-

  • Adjust the length of the rope to which you are comfortable and choose a space where there are no operative ceiling fans.
  • Now stand with both the foot touching each other and the rope touching the back of the legs.
  • Start with a full turn of rope and jump exactly before it touches the front of the leg. A couple of seconds before would do.
  • Practice as much as you can with short breaks in between. Rest for at least a day in the week and let the muscles restore their energy.
  • Start with a lesser number of repetitions but don’t forget to push the reps to few hundreds after a couple of weeks.

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