Mosquito Drinks Blood Until They Burst!-Amazing Facts!

mosquito burst on drinking blood
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Many of the readers would be quite surprised to know that when a mosquito is allowed to drink blood, it bursts within few minutes!

We in our daily routine apparently do not see such instances occurring. But when this was experimented then it was proved that a mosquito really get it’s stomach burst during the process.

Video source- Perran Ross.

Here is the video demonstrating the experiment. Mosquito’s stomach burst open, and all the blood it had consumed spilled out of it. The mosquito was dead. The video didn’t have only one mosquito though. In fact, there were nine. And all of them showed the same thing i.e. sucking up until bursting their abdomens open.

There are a myth and science associated with this-

Let’s explore the myth first.

As per an urban legend, if you tense your muscles while a mosquito is feeding on you, it can swell up and explode. However, that’s total bullshit. Flexing your muscles won’t kill a mosquito in this way.

Now let’s come to the scientific explanation.

The first-ever exploding mosquitoes study was conducted by Robert Gwadz, a researcher. He found that making an incision in the ventral nerve cord of a mosquito cuts off the signal to stop feeding, giving it an unquenchable thirst for blood. The mosquitoes that underwent this process would drink too much blood (as much as four times their own weight) and eventually making them explode and die.

So, the person filming this video decided to do the same. First, he selected some Female Aedes aegypti mosquitoes (only female mosquitoes consume blood) and immobilized them by placing them in a fridge for an hour. Then, under a dissecting microscope, he used a pair of forceps to pin the mosquito down on its side and a second pair to pinch the abdomen, crushing the ventral nerve cord.

The following day, he let them suck blood from his arm. Moments later, this happened:

Mosquito bursts after drinking blood

(As you can see, that’s a lot of blood).

What’s more surprising than this is that there were even mosquitoes that kept on drinking blood even after their abdomen was ruptured, since they had absolutely no idea that all that they were taking in, was coming out from the other hole (no, not the butthole but the hole that was made because the stomach exploded).

Honestly, I never knew that something like this was even possible. What’s bigger is that I had never imagined that watching mosquitoes blowing themselves up would blow my mind.

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