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Lunges Exercise: How-to-do, 5 Major Health Benefits, Variations & Safety Tips!


Lunges are the most common yet effective type of exercise! Engulfing various sorts of benefits let it be Health-related or any other benefits, lunges maintain its topmost position in “Best Workouts” ever-present!

Lunges are easy to perform and the greatest advantage of lunges is that they can be done in small spaces such as at home. This means that there is absolutely no requirement to go to the gym as well as a trainee!

The only requirement to perform various types of lunges is proper guidance and correct information. If you have both then you are ready to go! Here you will not only get proper guidance and process but also Benefits and Safety Tips of Lunges as well!

Lunges Exercise Meaning-

The exercise in which a person stretches his/her lower body in such a way that the knee of one leg is at a right angle and the other leg is also at the right angle but touching the floor. In general, lunges mean exercise that stretches your lower body including thighs and glutes. To get detailed Lunges meaning visit Wikipedia.

Muscles Worked During the Lunges-

Muscles worked during exercise and workout

Performing lunges every day will lead to the development of many muscles and improve cardiac efficiency. As every exercise targets a specific set of muscles, In the same way, the muscles worked in this exercise are- back muscles, gluteal, hamstrings, calves, thigh muscles, and abdominal muscles too.

So firstly, let me tell you what you are going to find below- Variations in lunges with How-to-do Guide of each and Number of Benefits of Lunges with Safety tips and Precautions mentioned at the last.



Bodyweight Lunges


  • First, Stand straight with your body in erect position.
  • Now let your body go down with one leg in front and another back.
  • Make sure that both of your legs make approximately 90 degrees angle.
  • The knee of lunging leg should touch the ground and chest should be straight and now and get back to normal standing position.
  • Repeat the above steps for 10 to 12 times for both the legs.


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  • Initial steps of reverse lunge and kick is similar to normal lunges or bodyweight lunges.
  • Rather than getting up in second step you just need to kick in air as high as possible.
  • Repeat this for second leg.




  • In walking lunge rather than getting straight at a place you have to perform second lunge simultaneously.
  • Though walking lunges may require space to perform, you can do it in circular manner so that it wont occupy much of your space.



  • Though jumping lunges are a pro version of lunges it comes under HIIT(High-Intensity Interval Training).
  • At the start maintain the usual lunge position and now jump up and simultaneously swap your legs in the air.
  • Use your arms to maintain the momentum of your body.
  • Now Swap another leg and repeat for another 15-20 reps.



  • It is similar to normal bodyweight lunges in most aspects.
  • The only difference is that in Reverse Lunge you have to extend your leg in backward way.
  • Again return to normal straight body position and repeat the steps with another leg.



  • Maintain a normal feet-hip width distance and now extend one leg to the lateral side.
  • Now bend that extended leg in the knee and drop your body down.
  • Reverse the process and repeat with another leg.



  • Stand straight with a shoulder width distance in your legs.
  • Now extend any one of your leg backward with crossing it behind the another leg.
  • For instance cross your right leg behind the left leg and lower your body down until the knee touches the ground and makes a 90 degree angle.
  • Repeat the same with another leg.

Benefits Of Lunges-

BENEFIT#1- Great Calorie Burning Exercise


Indeed lunges help a lot to burn lot of fat since it targets multiple sight of your body. It specifically works thigh and abdominal fat and helps them to decrease.

Performing various types of lunges in a specific pattern will increase the fat burning process by about almost 3 folds. Lunges Exercise benefits are tremendous, though this one is the star benefit of doing lunges.

BENEFIT#2- Increase your Metabolic Rate


As the blood pumping is increased during the exercise it leads to improvement of various organs such as heart and metabolism as a whole. Metabolism is the set of chemical reactions occurring in your body.

An increment in metabolic rate causes our body to function more effectively. This will smoothen the whole body process.

BENEFIT#3- Help in Gaining Muscles

Muscles labelling

As lunges target many muscles at a time it leads to the working of the cells and filaments within it. As the body repeatedly works those muscles, it leads to an increase in the muscle cells. This as whole increases the muscles over time. It can be counted as one of the best benefits of lunges.

BENEFIT#4– Increases Body’s Flexibility

Flexible Women

Lunges exercise stretches the lower body as well as the muscles of the abdomen. As the days pass by, it slowly would increase the overall flexibility of the body.

Benefits of doing lunges can be seen, but only after some time has passed. Development of any thing in this world requires time.

BENEFIT#5- Improves Body Posture

Erect posture mistake

Lunges workout leads to improvement of body tone and posture. As it stretches a set of muscles it leads to the strengthening of them. This ultimately leads to the development of overall body posture.

So here we are done with the Top 5 Benefits of Lunges. As you know, the list for lunges exercise benefits could have been unending, so I personally preferred to list only the Best Lunges exercise benefits. (As per my research)

Safety Tips & Precautions-

  • Senior citizens or elderly people should try to avoid the variations of lunges as they may be harmful to them. If you want to do, do it on your own responsibility.
  • Never perform any exercise after having your meal.
  • Pregnant women are generally not supposed to do lunges as they may cause harm to newborn.
  • Don’t do any sort of workout immediately after having your meal.
  • If you have pain or stress in your legs try not to do lunges exercise.
  • Consult a doctor in case of continued pain or injuries.

Thanks for reading! Hope you liked it, if so kindly read our other articles!

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