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List of foods that cause kidney stones! 9 High Oxalate Food List!


Do you know what are the causes of kidney stones? Or what is the composition of the kidney stones? Well don’t worry, all your questions will be answered in the upcoming article! Moreover, I will be mentioning the List of foods that cause kidney stones!

Kidney stones are basically crystals combined together. They may be formed from substances such as oxalates, uric acid, and calcium. These are the prime components of kidney stones. Out of this, oxalate is well known to cause stones in most cases. Hence, the list would consist of 9 high oxalate food.

Overconsumption of high oxalate food or high calcium food may lead to the formation of minor stones in our kidneys. The fact about kidney stones is that almost every adult above the age of 25 has minor stones in their kidney. Fortunately, those crystals are easily excreted out because of their small size.

I will be mentioning the list of food that cause kidney stones, however, you can refer to my other article where I have listed the 9 Best Low Oxalate Food Items!

Without further ado, let us quickly jump into the list of food that causes kidney stones.

9 List of foods that cause kidney stones-

1. Chocolates-

chocolates-High oxalate food item

Raw cocoa powder can contain 624 mg of total oxalate per 100 g of raw cocoa powder. Of that 624 mg, 565 mg is soluble oxalate, and 59 mg is insoluble oxalate. In conclusion, chocolates are a rich source of oxalates.

Therefore chocolate comes into our list of High Oxalate Food List!

2. Corn-

Corn-High oxalate food item

Though raw oat is low in concentration of oxalates, it is not true for processed corns. Moreover, they have comparatively more kidney stone-forming substances.

Therefore corn or maize should be taken in limited amounts, especially for the ones with kidney stones. Though maize is a staple food in some areas, it should be avoided to prevent stones.

3. Beer-

Beer-High oxalate food item

Beer and grain alcohol are deemed to cause kidney stones mainly due to the abundance of purines in them. Moreover, beer has an oxalate concentration of 1.78mg/100ml. In addition, white wine has about 0.3mg/100ml of oxalate.

These values are proof of beer being a major factor in causing kidney stones.

4. Baked Potato with Skin-

Baked potato-High oxalate food item

Baked potato especially with skin has a huge 97mg per 100 gm of oxalate concentration. The reason I highlighted skin is that most of its oxalate is present in it.

Therefore a person with risks of having more kidney stones in the future should avoid baked potato with skin.

5. Nuts-

Nuts-High oxalate food item

Nuts are another notorious food item that has high amounts of oxalates. Not all of them have high levels of oxalates, for example- peanuts and walnuts.

But there are a few nuts that need a special mention. Those are almonds, brazil, cashew, and candlenuts(216–305 mg/100 g FW). These nuts have a very high amount of oxalates. Moreover, pinenuts(581 mg/100 g FW) were found to contain the highest level of oxalates. Therefore it grabs the topmost position in our High Oxalate Food List!

6. Spinach(Dark Leafy Vegetables)-

Spinach-High oxalate food item

Dark leafy vegetables are counted be in the List of foods that cause kidney stones. This is because of the fact that they are unusually high in substances causing stones. Nevertheless, spinach stands out to be the veggie with more oxalates than others.  A half-cup of cooked spinach contains 755 milligrams. Indeed it is a huge amount!

7. Rhubarb-

Rhubarb-High oxalate food item

Rhubarb accommodates a wholesome of 570–1,900 mg of oxalate per 3.5 ounces (100 grams). In addition, most of the oxalate is stored in its leaves. Therefore it is safe to have the remaining portion of rhubarb (up to a certain limit.). Nonetheless, rhubarb falls distinctly into our High Oxalate Food List!

8. Navy Beans-

Beans-High oxalate food item

Navy beans when compared to other beans have oxalates on the higher side. The oxalates concentration is approximately 152mg per cup. This is the reason why navy beans should be avoided in order to prevent the formation of kidney stones.

9. Beet-

Beet-High oxalate food item

Beet has a similar amount of oxalate to that of navy beans,i.e. 152mg per cup or 76mg in a half-cup. Though they are a great source of folate and magnesium, they should be avoided if you are prone to have kidney stones.


What foods to avoid if you have calcium oxalate kidney stones? 

Foods to avoid if you have calcium oxalate kidney stones are Chocolates, Corn, Beer, Baked Potato with Skin, Nuts, Dark Leafy veggies, Rhubarb, Navy Beans, Beet.

List of foods that cause kidney stones 

List of foods that cause kidney stones are Chocolates, Corn, Beer, Baked Potato with Skin, Nuts, Dark Leafy veggies, Rhubarb, Navy Beans, Beet.

Indian foods to avoid for kidney stones 

Indian foods to avoid for kidney stones are Chocolates, Corn, Beer, Baked Potato with Skin, Nuts, Dark Leafy veggies, Rhubarb, Navy Beans, Beet.


With this, we complete our list of foods that cause kidney stones. There were 9 High Oxalate Food List items that are explained in brief in the above article. I hope that the above article was helpful to you.

As we have seen the High Oxalate Food List, now let us quickly go through the 9 Vegetables low in Oxalates For Kidney Stone Prevention.

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