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Importance of Drinking Water in Our Life & Percentage of Water in Human Body!


Life started in water and is Incomplete without Water!” As stated drinking water is so important in our day-to-day life that we can not survive without drinking water. The Points on the Importance of drinking water in our life can be listed but the list will be unending.

Water forms the medium in which chemical reactions occur to keep our body alive. Everything in our body from cells to tissues to organs, all is composed of water in a specific quantity.

It helps in the transport of nutrients, elements, and others within the blood. Water is lost through our body continuously in the form of water vapors, sweating, and in the form of excretory products. It is also utilized by the cells for metabolizing food products and various body chemicals.

Kidney and various hormones play an important role in the conservation of water in our body. But this is up to a certain limit, after which the body starts showing some diseased symptoms. Lack of water in the body can cause various ailments which may harm your body health.

And hence, there is a continuous need of hydrating yourself. The importance of drinking water can only be understood when you are suffering from a disease caused due to lack of sufficient water. Rather, drink lots of water and stay out of this mess!

Splash Of Water Importance of Drinking Water

So, before going deep into the article let me first give you a short overview of the article; I will be mentioning few points on the 9 points on Importance of Drinking Water in Our Life, the Percentage of Water in Human Body/how much water is in the human body, Tips to Stay Hydrated and at the last a short summary.

Let us first answer the question- “Why is it important to drink water?

9 Points on Importance of Drinking Water in Our Life-

# Drinking-Water Helps In Weight Loss-

Drinking-Water Helps In Weight Loss
Importance of Drinking Water

Yes, Drinking good amount of water daily will increase your metabolism rate. This in turn will increase the fat utilization process.

Many weight loss specialist specifically introduces more water in the subject’s diet to get a fit body.

# Regulation of Body Temperature-

Regulation of Body Temperature by drinking water
Importance of Drinking Water

Water is in continuous flow throughout the body, this makes it even easier for water to regulate the body temperature to normal. As we drink more, we sweat more this automatically cools you down!

Regulation of Body Temperature is one of the vital points on the Importance of drinking water daily.

# Helps in Excretion of Toxic Substances-

drinking water Helps in Excretion of Toxic Substances 
Importance of Drinking Water

The harmful substances that may enter into our body circulation through the food unknowingly is thrown out of our body by water.

Water carries the toxins to the kidneys and is finally excreted out. This process occurs all the time in our body, thanks to nature!

# Water Enhances Our Performance-

Water Enhances Our Performance
Importance of Drinking Water

Hydration of our body increases the overall rate of reactions and hence we fill more energetic after drinking water.

Though this increase is temporary but is a lot more important to us. So many prefer to carry a water bottle with them for frequent refreshment.

# Water assists in the Digestion process-

Water assists in the Digestion process

The process of digestion requires water in large quantities. Water makes the process of digestion more smoother and efficient.

Food is digested in a proper way if the intake of water is good.

# Helps in Circulation of Body Fluids-

Helps in Circulation of Body Fluids-

Electrolytes and Ions are transported throughout the body with the help of water. It acts as a medium for their transport.

Drinking-Water is important and is again proved by this point.

# Responsible for Mood Changes-

Water Responsible for Mood Changes

Water indeed is responsible for the mood changes and therefore can be controlled by drinking good amount of water.

One feels fresh and energetic after having a glass of water. This is the reason why the guest are always offered with a glass of water.

# May prove as an Anti-Ageing factor-


Studies had shown that keeping yourself hydrated brings a glow to your skin.

Water aids in the lightening and soothing of the skin and proves as the best natural anti-aging agent!

# Keeps You Away From Various Diseases-

Water Keeps You Away From Various Diseases

Indeed water helps in staying disease-free. One can stay away from some common diseases such as Kidney stones by drinking a good amount of water from time to time.

So This was the set of 9 Points on the Importance of Drinking Water in our Day-to-day Life! I have tried to cover the points which I feel are more important as compared to the other points.

Now let us tackle another commonly asked question-

How much water is in the Human body?/Percentage of water in Human body?

Body water content

On average 60% of your body is made up of water. To specify according to sex, males have more water content than females,i.e. males have 60-63% of water and Females have almost 50-55% of water! For a more detailed distribution of water content in the human body visit Wikipedia!

The Standard Table of Daily Intake and Output of Water. ( From Guyton’s Textbook Of Physiology.)

Daily Intake of Water (ml/day)-

NormalHeavy Exercise
Fluids Ingested2100? (Depends)
From Metabolism200200
TOTAL INTAKE2300? (Depends)

Daily Output of Water (ml/day)-

NormalHeavy Exercise

From the above-mentioned table, you can easily make out that the intake is equal to the output of water. The role of maintaining the levels of input as well as output is of kidneys. They are responsible for keeping the water level sustainable so that our body is well hydrated at any temperatures.

The Percentage of water in the human body as you know is 60%, but this value is subjected to vary with varieties of factors. Such as temperature which may cause to increase or decrease your total body content. The volume of air inspired & expired is also responsible for the water content in the human body!

Whatever may be the condition but the percentage of water in human body varies to a lesser extent and again comes back to normal. Do you know why this Happens?

This beautiful job of maintaining the water percentage of the human body to normal is done by the Kidneys! Yes, kidneys are the control system of the inflow and outflow of our body! They regulate an optimum level of water by adjusting the water absorption capacity..

Another most important as well as popular question-

How much water should you drink a day?

How much water should you drink a day?

On average the normal intake of water should be ranging from 2.5 liters to 4 liters. For males, water intake per day should be approximately 15-16 Cups or 3.5-4 Liters. For Females normal intake of water per day 11-12Cups or 2.5-3Liters.

Again the answer to the question ‘How much water should you drink a day?’ varies with other external as well as internal factors. Increased temperature may cause loss of water through your body and the intake of water would increase, this would at the end of the day increase the overall value of water intake per day!

Tips and Takeaway-

  • Set reminders to drink water if you forget frequently like me!
  • Eat more Fruits, as they may contain up to 90 % of water by weight!
  • Try to drink a glass full of water after a specific interval(maybe after 1 hour, 2hours …)
  • Always drink water by sitting on a chair, as drinking in an upright position may be harmful to your health.
  • Have a glass full of water at least half an hour before a meal. This may help in proper digestion.
  • Try not to drink a lot of water during a meal, since it slows down the process of digestion!
  • Having warm water (not too hot) in the morning assists in proper bowel movements as well as digestion.
water bottle

Pro Tip– Always carry a water bottle in case you are traveling out. Since this may keep you well hydrated and more efficient at work.

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