Imagine, If I Handled an iPhone to a 2 Million years old Man! What Would Happen?

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This may cause havoc rather than a surprise for the people from that era. This would be mainly because of the following two reasons-

First off— Touching any surface would leave bacteria and viruses from your hands, along with whatever you tracked in on your feet. If the new bacteria and viruses from our era start to produce, then there is a possibility of human extinction.

Their bodies are 2 million years less evolved than ours, so who knows if their immune system would be able to survive the bacteria or virus.

Secondly— If you give a caveman an iPhone he would sniff it, lick it, and try to bite it. As an iPhone or any gadget that you give to him is absolutely new to him!

And If I got some time to explain where I am from, I won’t be able to explain to him. Logically speaking, It is close to impossible to explain and summarise everything that happened in 2 million years, Thats because cavemen literally don’t have the capability of actually absorbing and interpreting the information.

If you somehow manage to explain to them the major event in the future— This could severely corrupt history’s timeline of events.

For instance, the fire was discovered between 300,000 to 1,700,000 years ago, if you tell them about the fire this could erase the existence of the Palaeolithic era which discovered fire.

Source- Quora. Originally written by Ahmed Lawati. Edited and rewritten By Om Satav.

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