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How to do Sumo Deadlift, 3 Benefits And the Muscles Worked!

Sumo deadlift Guide

The Sumo deadlift is one of the toughest but highly important exercises among most powerlifters. This exercise is a crucial part of the workout plan of most weight lifters and bodybuilders. Why I consider Sumo Deadlift as an important exercise has one major reason- It helps in building your glutes and quads muscles.

It is indeed a great exercise when it comes to building good legs and thighs. Though It may be difficult to do in the early stages, after following the steps mentioned here, you will do it easily in a couple of days. I too was unable to crack the exercise in the way I wanted when I was a beginner. But as the days passed by I got better at sumo deadlifts.

I have divided this exercise into three easy steps. These steps are a breakdown of the whole exercise which will guide you through the vitals of the sumo deadlift. I will not only answer the question, ‘How to do Sumo Deadlift?’ But also the muscles worked and 3 Major Benefits that come with this workout.

Let me tell you one important thing that a beginner should never attempt to do this exercise directly. This means that you should be regular with the other related workouts in order to do this deadlift. This will assure that your muscles are warmed up and ready to go for a higher level. It may seem like an easy-peezy exercise but let me warn you that it takes a lot of hard work and energy to do a sumo deadlift.

I have divided the “how to do guide on sumo deadlift” into 3 easy steps for easy understanding! Below the guide, you will find the muscles worked in sumo deadlift and then the 3 Benefits of sumo deadlift to motivate you!

How to do Sumo Deadlift-

STEP 1: Holding the bar in a opposite fashion. ( One hand facing forwards and vice versa for others.)

Holding the bar in a opposite fashion  IN SUMO DEADLIFT

The starting position includes Holding the bar with both your hands such that you are bending. Grab the bar with a firm grip so that it will not slip down. A tight grip will also assist you in easy lifting. Maintain a gap of a meter in your feet. Inhale!

STEP 2: Lift the weight with your hands such that they finally touch the front of your thigh. Hold on to this position for 10 seconds. Your thighs should move up in synchrony with the barbell at the same pace.


Keep the weight low in the beginning and increase it gradually with time. This will help you reap the benefits in a slow but continuous pattern. This is called a proper sumo deadlift form.

STEP 3: This step includes the lowering of the weight at a slow speed. This will ensure maximum strain on the arms and the legs for their development. Lower the weight and get to the starting position. Repeat step 1 and step 2 again.


Do almost 4-5 Reps in a set of 2!

Doing them daily may help you get through the pain and the trauma in the legs. Let us see the muscles worked in sumo deadlift-

Muscles Worked-

The majority of muscles that are targeted during the exercise are of the lower limb. Core muscles are also targeted but not to a very great extent. The muscles targeted specifically of the leg are-

Glutes Muscles.


Adductor muscles.


Hamstrings and few others.

The list of the Benefits of sumo deadlift are many but I have mentioned the 3 best Benefits. This will motivate you to get out of bed and burn that stubborn fat!

Benefits of Sumo Deadlifts-

1.Easy To Do-

This exercise involves a lesser number of hard steps when compared to other exercises. It is a simple 3 steps exercise that you need to master in order to do sumo deadlifts.

This exercise involves just a barbell and a piece of weights to perform. This makes it even easier to perform in a small space such as at home, backyard, etc. Also, the price of the barbell with weights is not sky-high and is affordable. You can get yourself the equipment at a discounted price below-

2.Improves Strength Of Leg Muscles-

The exercise focuses on a number of leg muscles at a time. I have mentioned the muscles’ names above, just check it to know more about them. They are pressurized while doing the deadlifts that will make them eventually grow.

Mainly the back of the thighs and core are under strain during the deadlift. This is the indication that suggests they are advancing slowly. Anything in our body takes time to develop and advance, so just give them the time and effort needed. Check out how muscles are developed due to the exercise- Article at

Benefits may take time to appear but, believe me, you will notice the changes automatically as time passes. This is the vital point that each one of the readers and performers must know. Don’t leave doing the exercise just because you don’t see major changes. But if you are doing the workout consistently then trust me the changes are happening and will burst out as a major result.

3.Improves Heart Health-

It is a highly beneficial exercise for the heart and other health-related aspects. It improves heart health by improvising the overall blood flow. The reason behind increased blood flow is the applied pressure on the heart to pump the blood needed. Heavy exercise such as sumo deadlifts demands excessive oxygen supply to keep them from getting fatigued.

Fatigue is caused due to depletion of the oxygen level in the vicinity of the muscle cells. This makes the heart pump more blood in order to complete the demand of the working muscle cells. This in turn keeps the heart healthy and fully functional.

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