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How To Do Chin-ups Properly! 9 Easy Steps and 5 Benefits!

How To Do Chin-ups Properly” is the most prevalent question asked on the web. Taking this into consideration I have divided the Chin-ups into 9 Easy steps. These steps will be a walkthrough of the complete workout!

Many of the beginners found doing chin-ups hard since their muscles are not used to the exercise. But, as time passes by your body gets more habituated to chin-ups. This also results in the eventual growth of the arm muscles!

How To Do Chin-ups Properly in 9 Easy Steps-

  1. Stand right below the bar with a shoulder-width gap in your foot.
  2. Grab the bar with both your hands by keeping a shoulder-width distance in between.
  3. Let yourself hang freely for a moment.
  4. Pull your body up.
  5. Pull until your chin is above the bar.
  6. Now, hold that position for a moment.
  7. Don’t relax your body immediately.
  8. Lower your body at a slow pace.
  9. Hang for a couple of seconds and then repeat the above steps.

That’s it! This was the simple answer to How To Do Chin-ups Properly in 9 easy steps!!! I hope that you may have understood How to do Chin-ups properly, but if not refer to the video below-

Let us quickly move on to some of the common questions that you may have in your mind right now.

FAQ’s about ‘How To Do Chin-ups Properly’-

Is doing chin-ups everyday bad?

No, not at all! But, if you overdo the number of chin-ups, it may prove harmful. So try to take a day or two off in a week for chin-ups. Doing 10 to 20 reps at a time in a day is good for your health.

How do beginners do chin-ups?

Beginners basically should start with a small number of chin-ups (5 to 10 reps). Gradually beginner’s muscles of arms will get acclimatized to the pressure and then you can increase their repetitions. Practice doing chin-ups 5-10 times a day for your first week.

How many chin ups should a beginner do?

A beginner is supposed to do 5 to 10 repetitions at a time or in breaks. If you have a problem achieving that number then it is fine, no need to worry. With time and practice, you would surpass those numbers easily.

Can I pull up everyday?

YES, You can! Doing pull-ups daily has many benefits. But make sure that you do not overdo them, as they may cause damage to your muscles and health. Also, take few days off as a break so that your muscles can recover and nourish well.

Are chin ups enough for biceps?

No, they aren’t enough for building biceps. You need to do other exercises as well that are focused on the biceps.

How To Do Chin-ups Properly?

Well, I have written a detailed article on How To Do Chin-ups Properly and also mentioned 5 Major benefits of doing Chin-ups daily. You can visit

So as we have seen the common questions regarding pull-ups, we can move to the benefits of doing chin-ups! There is a list full of benefits but I will be mentioning 5 major benefits of doing chin-ups.

5 BENEFITS Of Doing Chin-Ups-

5 BENEFITS Of Doing Chin-Ups

1. Builds Your Chest Muscles.

Yeah, chin-ups focus the chest muscles and pressurize them to work out. We feel burning sensations in our chest and whole body during the workout. This is mainly due to the working out of the muscles. To know the muscles in the upper limb visit Wikipedia.

When muscles are forced to act above their limits for a certain time, it leads to the growth and development them. Remember that you should never perform too much in the hope of growing them fast. Remember “Rome was not built in a day”.

2. Increases Your Endurance.

Increasing your endurance may take time but it surely does increase. The only condition is to do chin-ups in a proper way and with a proper set of workouts.

Your endurance builds up like a building block and in a slow manner. This improves your overall physique and personality.

3. Increases Heart Pumping Efficiency.

As chin-ups are a very high-energy consuming workout it requires a tremendous amount of oxygen. This indirectly puts pressure on the heart and simultaneously increases the cardiac output.

This day by day improves heart pumping efficiency and overall heart health. The blood vessels are maintained in a healthier state than before.

4. Pump Up Your Biceps.

Chin-ups primarily target your biceps and the other supplementary arm muscles. This ultimately pumps up your biceps and makes it sound good.

Biceps are built faster in chin-ups than in most other exercises due to over-exertion of the biceps muscles.

5. Lowers Blood pressure.

Blood pressure increases mainly due to excess fat content and the pressure caused on the heart. Since exercising decreases the amount of fat it automatically decreases the pressure on the heart and ultimately leads to decreased blood pressure.

Coming to the end of the article, I hope that you have probably got an answer to your question, ‘How to do chin-ups properly?’. Thanks for reading.

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