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How To Do Cable Pull Through? 5 Easy Steps to Glute Cable Pull Through!

Glute Cable Pull Through is a best exercise to strengthen your glutes muscles. Moreover, they are known to build great hamstrings. Cable pull through is a profound workout performed by most of the trainer arround the globe.

Every resistance based exercise targets a specific set of muscles. This in turn usually leads to their development. Same is the case with glute cable pull through. In this case, glutes and the muscles of the back of thigh are targeted.

Is this exercise difficult to perform? Or Does it require any equipment? are some of the many questions answered in the article below. So, without further ado let us quickly answer the question- How To do Cable pull through?

5 Steps for Glute Cable Pull Through Workout-

Glute Cable Pull Through Workout
  1. Adjust the weight according to your strength and power.
  2. Stand just above the rope that is attached to the cable.
  3. Note that you should face opposite to the machine. Bend your knees a little and grab the ropes in your hand.
  4. Now, simply pull the rope away from your body with simultaneous erection of your body posture.( You may feel a squeeze in your glutes and thighs.)
  5. Further release the tension and let the rope go back such that you are back to the initial position!

That’s it! You now know how Cable Pull Through is performed. These were the five easy steps that will help you master the exercise.

Moving further we will see the benefits of doing cables Pull Through and answer some related questions.

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Benefits of glute cable pull through-

Helps to Build Muscles-

As the name suggests glute pull through is a workout that primarily focuses on the buttock muscles. Consequently, both the glutes are exercised.

Do you know that there are not just a single muscle in our butts, but there are a three. Those are gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus.

Not only the glutes are been developed but also the hamstrings are worked out!

Calorie Burning Workout-

Every workout that includes training and stress leads to fast loss. Similarly, glute cable through is a exercise that also includes calories burning.

Though when this exercise is compared to other aerobic exercises, it stands way too low.

Cable Pull through May be good for overall health-

Our health is a very crucial factor in our life. We all try to maintain it to an optimum level. But do you know that what keeps us healthy?

Yes, being active is the basis to be fit and fine. The More active you are the more you will be able to maintain your health. Similarly, this exercise or any exercises will lead to improvement in your health.


Do cable pull throughs build glutes?

Yes they do! Rather they help to build stronger glutes as well as thighs.

What muscles do cable pulls work?

Muscles worked during Cable Pull workout are-
Glutes, Hamstrings(Back Of Thigh), lower back muscles,etc.

Is cable pull-through good?

Yes it is!


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