How Does a Snail Hold His Shell On His Back?

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There is this misconception in some people that a snail is just a slug that carries a shell around, but this isn’t true.


As you can see from this image of the inner workings of a snail, the shell is filled with vital organs and body parts.

Snails hatch from their little eggs with a shell already, and then proceed to eat their egg as a source of calcium and calcium is an important nutrient that helps bodies to create hard substances like bone, or in this case, shell.

Throughout the lifetime of a snail, it will grow soft tissues that eventually harden and expand its shell, hence it grows with them just like our bones grow with us.

A snail’s shell is more than just an empty home, it’s an important part of its body. Unlike animals like the hermit crab, which has adapted to find protection by scavenging for the abandoned shells of other dead animals, a snail is very much a part of their shell and vice versa.

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