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Best Time to Take Protein Shake- Morning or Evening!


This is one of the most frequently asked questions- What is the Best Time to take Protein Shake? Is it Morning or is it Evening? Many newbies who have recently joined a gym or a workout program are unfortunately struck by this question! Well, I will be answering your question and a lot of other problems in this detailed article.

The answer to this question is hidden in your gym timing. You didn’t think it? Right! But yes, your workout timing is the real answer.

The best time to take a protein shake is after or before your workout. If you work out in the evening then have your shake in the evening. And if you go to the gym in the morning hours then have it in the morning.

Having the protein shake just after your workout is proved to be more beneficial. Therefore it is good if you take the drink in the minutes before or after the workout.

It does not affect much if you work out in the morning and then take the shake in other hours. Moreover, there are a few trainers which have their protein shakes after their lunch or at dinner. Whatever may be the situation, it is always more beneficial to have the shake right in those workout hours themselves.

To know exactly when you should have a protein shake- Before a workout or after a workout? Refer to this full free article-

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Since we have answered the main question- The best time to take a protein shake, now let us jump to 2 other equally important questions!

Should you drink protein shakes on rest days?

Yes, You can drink protein shakes on your rest days too. But only under one condition- The rest day comes right after the workout day. This is so because the protein consumed through the drink must be utilized properly by our muscles.

If a person takes a single day as a rest day in an entire week then it is absolutely fine to take the shake. Moreover, if you are working out daily then you can have the drink on a regular basis. On the contrary exercising daily may be harmful to your whole body. This is due to the fact that our muscles need days of testing to recover and restore their potential.

In a situation where a person takes 2 to 3 days off and that too in a row. In this case, he/she should avoid taking protein shakes on the second and upcoming rest days. Owing to the fact that our muscles are less active on the rest days, drinking the shake would not be of that use.

Can I drink 2 protein shakes a day?

If you are working out for months now or doing HIIT(High-Intensity Interval Training) then you can drink 2 protein shakes a day. Rather many trained athletes and professional bodybuilders drink protein shakes twice or even thrice a day.

The reason why normal people with a basic workout plan should avoid protein shake 2 times a day- Exercises in those workout plans are comparatively less strenuous. This in turn suggests that muscles demand less protein and therefore low protein intake suffices the demand. Hence having a scoop of protein with 25-30 gm protein is enough in a day.


Best time to take protein powder in pregnancy?

Depending on your exercising plan, you can take the protein shake accordingly.

Does protein powder cause kidney stones?

It can but the chances are less.

If I do cardio and strength training day morning evening or vice versa should I have a protein shake both times

Take half scoop at each time.

How much time take for muscular body without protein powder?

it depends.

My protein powder when dissolved in water it settles down after some time why

Due to it’s weight.

How times use at day for raw whey protein powder?

Refer to the article.

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