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9 Benefits Of Having Warm Lemon Water in the Morning!

Benefits of Warm lemon water

Many of us already know that there are plenty of benefits to having lemon water. Although, ever asked yourself what happens when we heat the lemon water a bit? Also, why drink the warm lemon water in the morning? Consequently, most of the answers are related to the BENEFITS of having warm lemon water! Well, all these questions and other related queries are answered in the article below.

Before diving deep into the benefits of having warm lemon water, first, let us see why it is good to take it in the morning hours!

Early morning is the time when we are full of energy and ready to start our day. During those hours if one drinks warm lemon water, it will help him/her in proper bowel movements. Not only this but also having it in the early hours will assist the digestion process.

Now, as we talked about the first question, now moving on to the other frequently asked question. Why should we drink WARM lemon water?

Heating the water a few degrees up and then having it may help in proper clearance of our gut. Moreover, it may help in busting and clearing the foul smell of our mouth.

Without further ado let’s quickly jump into the 9 benefits of having warm lemon water in the morning.

9 Benefits of having Warm Lemon Water

warm lemon water

1. Loaded With Vitamin C-

The lemons fall under the category of Citric acid fruits. Additionally, they are known to have plenty of vitamin C. The presence of lemon in it, which is also a Citric fruit, makes this drink vitamin c enriched.

Vitamin C helps in increasing our immunity and our defense system. Moreover, it helps in the fast healing and repair of damaged tissues. Not only this but also it has anti-oxidants which help to eliminate the toxins that enter our body.

2. Helps in Weight Loss-

Drinking water with lemon or even apple cider vinegar will increase the levels of stomach acid, which will improve the digestion and breakdown of the food that you eat. Many people have low stomach acid due to diet and lifestyle factors, and this leads to indigestion, gas, and bloating.

By drinking lemon water, apple cider vinegar and water, or taking HCL supplements, you are replacing the acid in your stomach and allowing better digestion and assimilation of nutrients.

This, in turn, may result in proper utilization of the food to help control our weight. Moreover, lemon water will boost metabolism and burn more calories.

3. May Help To Improve Skin Quality-

The presence of various vitamins and antioxidants helps in the wear and tear of the body tissues. Additionally, it helps in collagen production for better skin health.

4. Boost metabolism-

Not only lemon juice helps in enhancing digestion but also boosts metabolism. Consequently, all the metabolic reaction gets a headstart due to the intake of warm lemon water in the morning.

Bile is a digestive fluid that helps break down fat in the intestine. Bitter flavors, like lemon, help the production and release of bile from the gallbladder. So, lemon water before a high-fat meal may be beneficial in terms of digestion and absorption.

5. Improves Hydration-

Indeed lemon water being a drink is a good source of hydration. Since it is rich in multiple health aiding factors it helps in quick rehydration too.

6. Helps in various Clinical Problems-

Warm Lemon water helps to prevent a variety of clinical disorders. This is due to the fact that this drink is filled with antioxidants and other elements.

Moreover, it helps in the prevention of kidney stones. The oxalate deposition in the kidney is avoided due to the lemon juice. Not only it helps to prevent stones but also it reduces the risk of gout. The deposition of uric acid crystals in the joints is reduced.

7. Anti-inflammatory actions-

Indeed, warm lemon water has an anti-inflammatory reaction on our body. The inflammation or injuries due to any type of infection is decreased a few folds.

8. Beneficial to heart and brain-

Vitamin C is highly beneficial to not only the heart but also the brain. There are a few factors that are present in the juice that is healthy for our vital organs. This is the reason why it helps in preventing the risks of chronic heart as well as brain diseases.

9. Freshens your Breath as well as Mood-

Yes, this is one of the benefits of drinking warm lemon water which is quite obvious. Many of us already know that it refreshes our mood and our breath too. Hence, one can make it a habit to have this drink instead of tea or coffee.

warm lemon water


Can we drink the lemon juice after eating the Lays?

Yes, you can!

What if I drink lemon water which is smelling very bad?

There are chances that you may fall sick, but most probably nothing serious will happen!

Precautions To Be Taken-

  • Over intake of lemon juice may erode the enamel present on the teeth. So, beware while taking more than two or three lemon drinks a day.
  • Do not over heat the water.
  • Put the lemon juice into the drink in the amount that suits you!

Thank You for Reading!

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