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9 Benefits of Eating Anjeer! Are Figs Good For You?


Figs is mainly a tropical fruit and is available almost at every corner of the world. Moreover, it is pocket-friendly and easy to consume. Okay, these were some of the benefits of eating figs, but these are not the only benefits! Well, there are plenty of benefits of eating anjeer!

Figs are also called anjeer in some countries like India. They are called by different names based on the region.

Figs are a type of fruit that can be served as a pre-appetizer as well as dessert. Moreover, it has been profoundly taken as a side dish. Whatever may be the situation, anjeer always grabs a place in one’s meal.

Unknowingly, one who consumes figs at least once a month is benefited. So, what are the benefits of eating anjeer? Are figs good for you? Is eating figs good during pregnancy? Etc. All these questions are answered in the article below! So stay tuned!

9 Benefits of Eating Anjeer Daily-

Benefits of eating anjeer

1. Figs Improve Digestion-

Undoubtedly, figs aid digestion of the food. Moreover, it helps in the proper absorption of food and the nutrients within it.

Figs are enriched with fibers, in the same way as the other fruits are. Nevertheless, the fiber content is more in the figs. Therefore it assists the digestion of food and clearance of the gut.

2. Anjeer Helps in Regulating Blood Pressure-

Anjeers or the so-called figs are high in key nutrients like potassium and magnesium. In contrast, they have low amounts of sodium.

These two factors make figs a good fruit to lower hypertension. Furthermore, it helps in lowering the sodium levels to optimum. This in turn helps in controlling our blood pressure.

Potassium present in the figs decreases the tension of the blood vessels. Hence, eating anjeer reduces the bp.

3. Figs Improve Metabolism-

Figs or fruits, in general, are known to boost our metabolism. Since they are rich in factors that are essential in the reactions taking place in our body.

Moreover, the elements present in the figs have an enhancing effect on the body’s metabolism. Henceforth, it boosts all the reactions in our body and thereby helps us sustain weight.

4. Figs Are Good During Pregnancy-

Eating Figs during pregnancy is beneficial for the mother as well as the baby. The factors present in the figs help in maintaining the good health of the baby and the mom.

Presence of healthy ions such as potassium and magnesium assists in improving the baby’s health. Though one fact that should be noted is- Excess intake of figs may be harmful. Moreover, it may last to decreased blood sugar level of the mother. This may be dangerous for the baby.

Hence eat the figs in a limited amount so as you as well as the baby will avail the benefits of eating anjeer during pregnancy.

5. Anjeer are a Low-calorie Food-

Anjeer is very low in calories and total fat content. Not only this but also it helps in reducing the BSL( Blood Sugar Level).

Figs being a low-calorie fruit is preferred by most dieticians. Furthermore, it is recommended all over the world by some great nutritionists.

Anjeers has just 37 calories. This value is proof that figs are good for sustaining weight.

6. May Improve Heart Health-

The presence of potassium in the figs makes them a good food for heart health. It helps in improving our cardiovascular system.

Decrease in the blood sugar due to regular intake of figs and by following other preventive measures indirectly benefits our blood vessels. Because the fat deposition is decreased and helps in preventing arousal of further diseases like atherosclerosis.

7. Figs are Good For Bone Health-

Anjeers or figs have proven helpful in increasing bone density. Moreover, the number of bone cells increases due to periodical intake of this fruit.

Furthermore, it enhances the Healing Process and helps in reduction of inflammation. The presence of antioxidants in it helps in scavenging the toxins present in our body.

8. Figs are Rich in Nutrients-

A fruit that is a pack of multiple nutrients and elements. Not only this but also have vitamins in it.

Following are the elements and various vitamins present in the figs-

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium

Figs are high in magnesium when compared to other nutrients.

9. Figs Are Good For Skin Health-

The presence of vitamin c in the anjeers are the prime reason for improving skin health. It helps in the elimination of dead skin tissue. Therefore eating figs at least once in a while will definitely help you!

This were the amazing 12 Benefits of eating anjeers! Hope you got what you were looking for!

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