22 Good Morning Exercises For Weight Loss With How-To-Do Guide!

Good morning exercise
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Early morning workouts have many health benefits, rather doing them daily may increase your life longevity! Good Morning Exercises For Weight Loss are many in number, but here I will be mentioning the Top 22 early morning workouts!

Morning is the best time of day to exercise as has been mentioned deeply in my last article. To know why morning is the best time of day to workout visit this full free article- When is the Best Time of Day to Exercise? Know the Benefits of Each!

Let us first see what are the benefits of working out in the morning. Knowing the benefits would be a motivational factor for you to wake up early and exercise!


  1. Helps To Burn Lot Of Calories!
  2. Makes You Ready For The Day!
  3. Increases Focus & Memory!
  4. Enriches Yourself With Energy!
  5. Improves Overall Performance and Flexibility!
  6. Enhances Your Mood For Better Day Ahead!
  7. Helps In Gaining Muscles!
  8. Boosts Overall Metabolism & Enhances Body Reactions!
  9. Helps You To Stay Disease Free!!!
  10. Pumps Up Your Heart & Thereby Increases Heart Efficiency!
  11. Helps You Get Good Sleep!

TYPES Of EXERCISES To Be Performed In Morning-

The exercises that must be performed in the early morning are quite specific. This specificity mainly arises due to the energy stored in our body and hormonal condition in the early morning hours.

As almost 10-12 hours are passed after having our last meal( in the dinner) our body is devoid of as much energy that is available in the afternoon. This makes us to get tired more earlier.

For this reason the types of exercises one must do in early morning hours should be less energy consuming and not a heavy one! Exercises that are light to perform and which just increases your heart rate can prove good for your overall health!

Keeping this condition in mind I have designed a specific set of 22 Good Morning Exercises For Weight Loss. Doing them on a regular basis will surely give you a bulk of benefits.

The exercises that are mentioned below are divided into two parts- The exercises that can be done at home and the other would consists of outdoor exercises!

LIST Of 22 Best Morning Exercises For Weight Loss-


How To Do –

  • Stand straight with your feet together and arms to your side This is your initial position.
  • Now jump with your legs spread out and arms waved up, similar to an arching motion.
  • Now complete the process with a jump and close your feet together and arms at your side.
  • Repeat the same exercise when you get comfortable with the process.

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Squats position for good morning exercise.

How To Do –

  • Stretch your legs with a gap of shoulder distance in between.
  • Get in the squatting position as shown in the video above.
  • You can place your hands folded behind your neck or simply stretched parallel to the floor.
  • Start the downward motion with a little bend in your back and a normal spine position.
  • Stop when your knees make 90 degrees; this is called a squatting position.
  • The last step is to get into a straight body position with a stance in between both of your legs.
  • Repeat. This is how proper squat form is performed. This is the answer to How To Do Squats Properly?

Know Whole Of the Squat exercise- SQUATS: How to do Squats, BENEFITS, FAQS & Safety Tips!


Lunges for good morning exercise.

How To Do –

  • First, Stand straight with your body in erect position.
  • Now let your body go down with one leg in front and another back.
  • Make sure that both of your legs make approximately 90 degrees angle.
  • The knee of lunging leg should touch the ground and chest should be straight and now and get back to normal standing position.
  • Repeat the above steps for 10 to 12 times for both the legs.

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How To Do –

  • Yeah, I know you must be knowing how to do jumping ropes, but there are few who find skipping ropes hard to do!
  • Stand with your feet together and the rope at your back.
  • Swing the rope in such a way that it makes a full circle.
  • Just before it touches your leg from the front jump so that rope passes from below.
  • Repeat the steps.
  • This is one of the Best Morning Exercises For Weight Loss.


crunch workout for good morning exercise.

How To Do –

  • Get flat on the floor. Just elevate your legs slightly above.
  • Also, elevate your head a bit. If you want keep your hands behind the neck or otherwise let them free.
  • Now start with bending your leg towards your chest with simultaneous rising up your upper body.
  • Lower that leg by simultaneously bending your other leg.
  • Repeat the steps. This can be good morning exercise for men.


push up for good morning exercise.

How To Do –

  • Push-ups are done by getting into horizontal position with your palms touching the ground and hands extended.
  • Also make sure that your legs are fully extended and your body does not bend in any direction!
  • Now start with lowering your body down until your chest makes 3-6cm from the ground.
  • Elevate your upper body to the starting position. Repeat the above mentioned steps…


How To Do –

  • Get down on the floor with your upper body elevated and no bend in your elbows. ( same as in case of the initial position of Push-ups)
  • Now bend your leg, such that it almost touches your chest.
  • The same step goes with another leg. Reverse the above steps to get to the initial flat shape.
  • Repeat the set to perform full mountain climbers.

Most of the Exercises Mentioned here would be a part of Cardio Exercises and for a detailed view on this topic, kindly visit- 10 Best Cardio Workouts with Zero Equipment. Step-by-Step Workout Guide, Benefits & Safety Tips.


How To Do –

  • Stand straight with a short stance in your legs, with your arms slightly away from your sides.
  • Bend down and while lifting jump up high with your arms swinging as shown.


How To Do –

  • This exercise is similar to running but here it is in a single place.
  • Start with elevating any one of your legs as high as possible, repeat the same with the other leg.
  • Keep repeating it simultaneously. This is kind of the best Morning Exercises For Weight Loss to do at home.


stair climber Morning Exercises For Weight Loss

How To Do –

  • There is nothing special to do in this exercise, just keep climbing the stair.
  • Repeat it after specific time.

11) YOGA-

Yoga for good morning exercise.

How To Do –

  • Yoga can be of many types depending on what your purpose is!
  • Early morning workout includes yoga because doing it refreshes your mood and keeps you healthy.


Aerobics for good morning exercise.

How To Do –

  • The list of aerobics can be long, but it mainly includes most of the cardio exercises.
  • All the exercises such as running, jogging, swimming, jump rope, etc. comes under this aerobic exercise category.
  • Get more detailed meaning on Wikipedia.


Running for good morning exercise.

How To Do –

  • Sprinting is different from normal running. In sprinting a person runs at a faster pace.
  • Since sprinting burns more fat, it is one of the best Morning Exercises For Weight Loss.


Kickboxing for good morning exercise.

How To Do –

  • This exercise would require a boxing bag and gloves too. I have mentioned an affiliate link to Amazon.
  • Kickboxing can burn a hell of a lot of calories, proving itself to be one of the top Morning Exercises For Weight Loss.

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Walking for good morning exercise.

How To Do –

  • Yes, Walking is one of the best Morning Exercises For Weight Loss which is preferred by many.
  • Walking helps in increasing the metabolism throughout the body. It also increases the heart pumping efficiency.


Cycling for good morning exercise.

How To Do –

  • Cycling is easy to do and comes with a bulk of health benefits.
  • It increases the blood flow in our body with a simultaneous increase in breathing rate.
  • Cycling also focuses on various muscles and leads to the development of them.
  • Hence cycling may be considered as one of the good Morning Exercises For Weight Loss.



How To Do –

  • Swimming is indeed a multi-beneficial exercise with tremendous health benefits.
  • The proper process to swim is hard to be taught through this medium so you can join a swimming class.
  • Swimming in the morning will burn a large number of calories. Therefore swimming is one of the top good Morning Exercises For Weight Loss.



How To Do –

  • Burpees are a set of steps together put in such a fashion that it targets some specific muscles.
  • They are mentioned in the above picture.



How To Do –

  • For this you would require a elliptical machine or going to gym would suffice the cause.
  • Ellipticals are easy alternative for fat burning through the working of muscles.



How To Do –

  • Hold the bar above your head with both the hands.
  • Make sure that your grip is tight and friction is maintained.
  • Now flex your arms from the elbow and simultaneously elevate your body.
  • Lower your body after 2-4 seconds of holding in the above step.
  • Repeat this for 8-10 times.


How To Do –

  • Explosive lunge is the modification of the normal lunge.
  • At the start maintain the usual lunge position and now jump up and simultaneously swap your legs in the air.
  • Use your arms to maintain the momentum of your body.
  • Now Swap another leg and repeat for another 15-20 reps.

22) PLANK-


How To Do –

  • Plank is one of the good morning exercises that is done usually at the end of the exercise.
  • Get into plank position with your forearms flat on the floor and body weighed on the toe.
  • Hold this position for 30 seconds at the least. You can extend the time slowly and steadily.

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So here we are at the end of the 22 Best Morning Exercises For Weight Loss.

Thanks for Reading! Hope you Enjoyed reading our article!

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