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10 Workouts and Exercises for a Bigger Chest! Best Food To Grow Pecs!

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Having a bigger and stronger chest has always been the dream of many. This is due to the reason of building a great physique and commendable personality. Many find it difficult to build bigger pecs only due to the amount of energy one spends while performing the exercise. But, this is not true because these workouts for a bigger chest will ensure you visible results in just a month!

Workouts for bigger chest falls into the HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) category and thus becomes very hard to perform simultaneously. For this reason, I personally recommend getting the break of at least 30 seconds in between each set. Pick the workouts from the below-mentioned list and then make a bunch of 6 to 7 workouts including both with and without exercises.

Having your plan of exercises to perform will increase the efficiency of building mass if the workouts are performed as planned. Don’t do these exercises daily, rather try to take out a day or two in a week especially for the chest workouts. Many professionals refer to this as “Chest Day“! The reason why should take a break of a couple of days in between is the time needed for your muscles to restore their energy and regain their strength!

To build that pumped-up chest, I have mentioned the 10 Best workouts based on my research and preference of highly trained professionals. These exercises are further divided into the one with weights and the others without weights. I have included videos and GIFs for a better understanding of the workout with descriptive text format too.

Chest exercises WITHOUT Weights-



How to do it:

  1. Chin up is a very good and easy exercise and many of us already know how to do it.
  2. You would need a rigid horizontal bar at an elevated position that can carry your weight.
  3. Grab the bar & start the upward motion.
  4. Now stay for a few seconds and then lower your body slowly.
  5. It is considered one of the best back, bicep and, chest workouts for mass.

2. Cable fly

How to do it:

  • Stand in an upright position with the shoulder-width gap In between your legs and hold the cables with the handle.
  • Now tilt your upper body to at least an angle of 45° from the vertical.
  • Starting position involves the relaxation of both the hands free and wide open.
  • Now squeeze both your hands such that the handles touch each other in the front.
  • Hold this position for a couple of seconds.
  • Now reverse the motion and relax your chest muscles so that your arms are fully extended.

3. Decline Press-ups-

How to do it:

  • Decline press-ups are almost similar to normal push-ups. The only difference between decline press-ups normal push-ups is the position of the legs.
  • In Normal push-ups, your legs are situated normally on the floor whereas in the decline press-ups legs are a bit elevated onto a sturdy, immobile thing such as a chair.
  • The rest of the steps are exactly similar to that of the push-ups. Now follow the steps mentioned for the push-ups.
  • Lower your body as much as possible and then return to the normal starting position.
  • Repeat this 5 to 10 times in a set of 2. Keep making changes in the set and the number of repetitions as you progress through the exercise.

4. Chest dips

How to Do-

  • This exercise would require the bars to hold your weight which is normally available at the gym.
  • Starting position involves the holding of the bars with a tight grip with your arms fully extended in your elbows. Also, don’t forget to elevate your legs up from the ground so that your foot in no way touches the floor.
  • Now bend your elbows by simultaneously lowering your body.
  • Remember to lower your body such that your elbows make an approximate angle of 90°.
  • Lowering your body more than that would be harmful to your shoulder muscles. Rather focus on the chest and lower only until there is a right angle in arms.
  • Elevate your body up such that you again maintain the starting position.
  • Repeat 10-12 times. Sets 1-2.

5. Push-Ups-

How to Do-

  • Push-ups are done by getting into a horizontal position with your palms touching the ground and hands extended.
  • Also, make sure that your legs are fully extended and your body does not bend in any direction!
  • Now start with lowering your body down until your chest makes 3-6cm from the ground.
  • Elevate your upper body to the starting position. Repeat the above-mentioned steps…

Chest exercises WITH Weights-

6.  Incline barbell bench press

How to do it-

  • Incline barbell bench press involves the incline bench and the barbell with comfortable weights.
  • After adjusting the weights, get flat onto the bench with the barbell in your extended arms.
  • This is your starting position! Now squeeze your arms and chest muscles to lower the
  • Note that lower the barbell such that the bar almost touches the chest or is alert an inch away from the chest!
  • This will ensure proper stretch on the pecs for better development!
  • Reverse the motion with a simultaneous elevation of the barbell.
  • Repeat it 10-15 times in a set of 2. Slowly increase the number of sets And reduce the number of repetitions.

7. Decline barbell bench press

How to do it-

  • The decline barbell bench press follows the same steps as that of the incline barbell bench press mentioned above.
  • Follow the above-mentioned steps with a decline bench.

Presses are the best workouts for a bigger chest! These are the most common highly recommended press by trained professionals. Therefore don’t forget to involve the presses into your chest day workout plan!

8. Incline Dumbbell Press-

How to do it-

  • Get onto the incline bench with dumbbells in both your hands. Spread out both the hands with a 90 degrees angle in between!!!
  • Extend your arms up and elevate the dumbbells such that the arms are fully extended.
  • Hold it for a couple of seconds and then lower them slowly and steadily.
  • Get back to the normal position and repeat the steps again 15-20 times!

Incline Neutral Dumbbell Press is no secret one of the best chest exercises. It focuses a lot on the major pec muscles. They put a heavy load on the chest muscles to charge them up!

9. Flat Bench Dumbbell Fly-

How to do-

  • This exercise involves a flat bench with two dumbbells.
  • Start with spreading both your arms away from the body in a sideways position!
  • Squeeze the chest muscles to bring the arms close to each other in front of your chest, but your arms fully extended!
  • Again Reverse the action such that your arms are again spread away from your body.

10. Twisted Dumbbells Bench Press-

Source- YouTube- The strength institute.

How to Do-.

  • This includes feeling into a normal benching position with dumbbells in your hands.
  • This exercise is similar to that of a normal incline dumbbell press.
  • The only difference is in the way the dumbbells are elevated. Similarly, there is the use of the same equipment.
  • In the twisted dumbbells bench press, one rotates the hands as the dumbbells are elevated!
  • Follow this with both hands and repeat the steps 15-20 times in a set of 2 with a break of 20 seconds.

So here we complete the 10 best workouts for a bigger chest! In conclusion, we see that presses are absolutely needed to build the chest! Now we will see what food is good for assisting the chest muscles growth!

What to eat for Bigger Chest?

The most important type of food that you must have is Protein Enriched Food! Similarly having food with high-calorie content is not recommended. Because this may slow down the muscle-building process.

Here you will find a detailed article on 12 Best Protein-Rich Food Items for vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. Refer to this full free Article for detailed Info on these food items!

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