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10 ways to keep your heart healthy!

ways to keep heart healthy.

The changes happening in our lifestyle are indirectly affecting our health. To be more specific our heart is crushed under daily pressure due to an increase in pollution, fat intake, etc. This indeed leads to diseases related to the heart. And therefore the question arose,” How to keep our heart healthy?” The answer to this question is by implementing the 10 ways to keep your heart healthy mentioned later in the article.

Before diving deep into the ways to keep our heart healthy, let us quickly see the importance of our heart and the job it does!

Well, you would be shocked to know that the first organ to develop in a baby is the heart. Indeed, it starts to beat right from the 3rd week of pregnancy. Moreover, it continues to beat throughout our life and that too without a break.

They say- ‘Check the heartbeat, if absent the person may not be alive.’ In addition, the heart is so important that it is called a vital organ. So, what makes an organ such as a heart so special? Well, there are multiple reasons as to why the heart is so important in our life. But to mention a few pivotal points-

  • The heart is a pump that pumps oxygenated blood to all our body parts.
  • It collects the deoxygenated blood from the tissues and return it to the lungs for their purification.
  • The heart adjusts itself according to our body’s requirement. For example, during exercise the demand for oxygen increases and thereby the blood supply should increase. To do so, heart must increase its pumping rate and decrease its duration.
  • Thankfully all these things are done by our heart without our concious participance into it. Involuntarily it adjusts its rate and duration so that we can continue with our work.

Now moving on to the main topic, 10 ways to keep your heart healthy!

10 ways to keep your heart healthy-

1. Exercise Daily.

Exercising is the best way to keep your heart healthy. Just walking for 10 to 20 minutes daily can help enhance your cardiovascular system. Moreover, cardio exercises are a special type of exercise that specifically targets the heart.

Working out increases the demand for oxygen that indirectly affects our heart to pump more. Consequently, it leads to more pumping and supply of oxygen to the muscles in action. Therefore making our heart pump daily would eventually lead to better heart health.

2. Meditate daily.

Meditation on a daily basis not only increases our focusing power but also increases our heart health. This is because we focus on our breathing pattern while meditating. In turn, blood is pumped effectively throughout the body.

This is the reason why meditation improves the health of our hearts.

3. Eat healthy food.

Eating healthy and nutritious food is the most important point of the 10 ways to keep your heart healthy. Not only eating good food but also avoiding fatty food is needed. Eating high lipid-containing food may lead to increase risks of cardiac diseases. Rather eat seafood that contains omega fatty acids which are good for heart health.

Remember the 3S formula for the heart. The 3S stands for sugar, salt, and stress. All of which are harmful to our heart’s health and hampers its normal functioning. Lowering the amount of sugar and salt in our diet helps to stay away from various chronic diseases.

4. Get active.

Engage yourself in household chores and daily activities. Or take a walk after dinner or get a morning jog. All this will boost your heart’s performance and ultimately its pumping ability.

5. Stay at a healthy weight.

We should try to maintain our weight at a healthy level. Though keeping to it is really a hard job, but is you are motivated enough you can definitely achieve it. Check your BMI from the sidebar of the website and judge yourself accordingly.

6. Quit Smoking and Drinking.

Smoking and drinking alcohol are major causes of increased heart diseases. They are prone to cause multiple disorders which may be fatal.

Therefore it is better to avoid or at least reduce the intake in order to prevent such deadly diseases.

7. Control your cholesterol level.

Eating unhealthy and junk food raises our blood cholesterol levels. This eventually results in excess fat deposition all over the body. Obesity is the main reason for the increase in our blood pressure. This, in turn, increases the pressure on the heart which is bad in the long run. So, better control the things that are in our hands such as excess fat intake. As the saying goes- Prevention is better than cure!

8. Manage stress.

Stress, let it be mental or physical, affects our hearts to varying degrees. Our daily busy life is a prime cause of increased stress on our health. Moreover, continued stress over the heart may result in heart attacks or infarctions.

9. Avoid unnecessary drug intake.

Drugs intake without consent from a professional is a leading cause of deterioration in a person’s health. Many people get the drugs when it is not needed and when it is not prescribed. This leads to multiple diseases of which heart-related problems are common.

10. Improve your lifestyle.

Our lifestyle is the main precursor to the condition of our overall health. The better the lifestyle the better health condition we will have. Try including healthy habits in your daily routine such as morning walks, low salt, low sugar, fresh air, exercising, etc.

As the saying goes- Prevention is better than a cure! Preventing the bad habits will lead to good health & would benefit you a lot.

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